Private Sector

In the private sector, we currently provide market opportunity analyses to the majority of the Private Hospitals in Australia.

Our products are designed to deliver quick & easy essential market intelligence – regardless of your level of experience. They are used by a wide variety of people including National/State managers, CEO’s/GM’s, clinicians, data analysts, health service planners, marketing specialists and GP liaisons.


Use the Hardes Data for three critical health service planning purposes:







Ideally, private hospitals should target specialties and areas that exhibit both short and long-term opportunities. This will ensure that a site capitalizes on the opportunities that are apparent in the existing market (over the next few years) and also those specialties and/or areas with correspondingly high growth (over the next decade). Doing so places a hospital in the strongest position possible relative to the catchment it services.

Key Measures

Market Size, Market Share, Admissions Shortfall and Base Projections form an evidence-based foundation for private sector strategic planning:


What is the size of the market?

For any given area, quantify the type and volume of admissions.

Market Share

What is my hospitals’ share of the market?

For any given area, quantify the type and volume of admissions.

Admissions Shortfall

Which specialties and/or areas are currently ‘under-serviced’?

Base Projections

Where are the long-term growth opportunities?

Support Measures

We also provide a wide variety of support measures that provide a detailed understanding of the healthcare landscape:

Service Locations

Service location information details the volume and location of inpatient hospitals and general practice services.


Registrations information provides insight into the volume of professionals servicing a market. We detail:

• The number of Medical Specialist; GP and Nursing registrations in each area

• The names of these health professionals


Current and projected populations

Area Characteristics

Other reference material such as:

• Income

• House Prices

• Socioeconomic Status

• Employment Figures

• Jobs

• Number of Health Businesses

Product Delivery

Delivering the “gold standard” in healthcare data is essential, but it’s not the only thing that is important. At Hardes & Associates, we put just as much effort into the end-user experience. We understand that not everyone is a data analyst, and nor do they want to be! That’s why, in addition to comprehensive datasets, we provide automated programs and visualisations that are user-friendly and can be used by anyone.

Products for Data Analysts

Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables provide a comprehensive review of the historical, current and future acute inpatient market data. The greatest advantage of using a pivot table is the flexibility to manipulate/cut the information any way you choose and at any level of aggregation. For those with pivot table experience, and who are skilled data analysts, the pivot tables are a rich and valuable source of detailed information.

Products for Service Planners

Private Planning Tool (PPT)

This program has been specifically designed to provide an evidence-based foundation for private hospital service planning. It allows individual hospitals to review their performance over several years and, more importantly, identify opportunities for the future. The greatest advantage of the PPT is that it provides easy access to formatted data. Importantly, users do not need to have advanced Excel or pivot table skills to use this program. It is designed to be used by anyone who has an interest in private hospital service planning.

BI Dashboard

The BI Dashboard is our most exciting and powerful product to date. It is delivered in Tableau, which is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights. Its dashboards offer a rich visual representation of Hardes Data. Heat maps provide unparalleled insight into geographic variation and patterns.

Hospital Transition Model

The Hospital Transition Model has been designed to deliver site-specific activity forecasts at quarterly, half and full year intervals into the future.

Quantifying the type and volume of work expected at a hospital under alternate scenarios has never been easier!

Following your own inputted market instructions, the scenario modelling results sheet details:

  1. the activity your hospital returned in the current year
  2. the activity your hospital was projected to return in the future under a ‘status quo’ scenario
  3. the activity your hospital is projected to return according to your own inputted market assumptions

No Hospital? Interested in New Hospitals, Hospital Acquisitions, Day Surgeries, Specialist Medical Centres, General Practice, Allied Health or Aged Care?

Hardes & Associates specialise in the quantification of opportunities for health services. It is essential that meaningful analysis is undertaken by a reputable company. Only Hardes & Associates can ensure that the analysis will be robust, valid and accepted across the Australian Healthcare industry. We provide real market intelligence that your organisation can use to understand the marketplace and the opportunities that it holds both now and in the future.

There is a lack of useful healthcare market intelligence available. Hardes can provide data-based answers to the most fundamental questions that new and expanding organisations have – none more important than:

Where is the best place for my business? What is the type and volume of activity you could expect at any given site?

Hardes products focus solely on useable outputs. Over decades we have developed and refined tools and techniques to allow us to estimate market volumes. These techniques have been trialled, refined and validated in the real world. We offer a single suite of products that brings together all the useful components needed to evaluate inpatient and specialist medical centre opportunities.

At Hardes & Associates our primary goal is to achieve better outcomes for the Australian Health System by providing the best evidence-based market information available. Using our products will ensure that all of your current and future developments are aligned with the optimal short and long-term opportunities available.